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Hot Chocolate Mix with Cacao

The classic hot choloalate drink upgraded!
By |December 21st, 2018|Basic Staples, Something Sweet|0 Comments

Nut and Seed Milks

Let’s talk nut and/or seed milks for a moment.
For any of us that can’t have dairy, or avoid it for whatever reason, an alternative is where it’s at. Unfortunately any nut or seed milk you buy usually has a LONG list of ingredients (most of the ingredients one cannot pronounce) and the truth is they […]

By |October 24th, 2018|Basic Staples, Recipes|0 Comments

Dill Fridge Pickles

Amazing dill pickle recipe without all the added sugar!
By |June 15th, 2016|Basic Staples, Recipes|0 Comments

Roasted Red Pepper Curry Sauce

This roasted red pepper curry sauce is beyond delightful. Light, flavourful with a slight kick.
By |May 16th, 2016|Basic Staples, Recipes|0 Comments

Fermented Salsa

This fermented salsa recipe will have you loving salsa even more than you already do!

Almond Miso Dressing

This almond miso dressing will add the perfect kick to any salad or wrap.
By |April 12th, 2016|Basic Staples, Recipes|0 Comments

Coconut Sugar Syrup

Coconut sugar syrup is a wonderful substitution for any liquid sweeter or syrup.
By |April 8th, 2016|Basic Staples, Recipes|0 Comments

Lemon Poppy Seed Dressing

This lemon poppy seed dressing will make any salad taste amazing and fulfilling.
By |March 5th, 2016|Basic Staples, Recipes|0 Comments

Dairy-Free Coffee Creamers

Check out these excellent alternatives for those horrible sweetened coffee creamers.
By |September 19th, 2015|Basic Staples, Recipes|0 Comments

Cashew Sour Cream

This cashew sour cream recipe will have you stunned. It's so delicious and can be used anywhere you use traditional sour cream.
By |September 16th, 2015|Basic Staples, Recipes|0 Comments