Who am I?

I’m Carissa. My journey into a healthier lifestyle started when I moved back to my small home-town in Saskatchewan after being away for almost 10 years. After traveling, living in Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary and Victoria, and going through a divorce, I realized the most important thing I wanted to create was a family. I met my knight in shining armer when I least expected it, wasn’t looking for him and around my old stomping grounds. He is everything I never knew I always wanted.

He blessed me with 2 beautiful step-daughters, which allowed me to step right into a nurturing motherly role. I knew I wanted more children.

Having (what I consider) a bit of a late start on having children, I was egger to finally settle down, start a family, and be a mum. And that’s really where my drive started. I had some health issues that caused me to be on some prescription medication that I knew I didn’t want to be on once I became pregnant.

So I called up my “crazy” healthy BC friends and asked them to teach me everything they knew about a healthy lifestyle. And the rest is history. I could go on and on and about all the health benefits, how different my life is today, and how thankful I am that I had people in my life I trusted to direct me. In a desperate attempt to make my dream of being a mommy come true, I researched everything under the sun to naturally support the process. Our little miracle took almost 4 years, but I’m more than happy to say he’s finally here, healthy, happy and thriving. He’s been my drive from the beginning.

Today, I still maintain a healthy lifestyle and I truly believe that health starts in your kitchen.

Whether you’re on a similar journey, suddenly have to deal with food allergies or sensitivities with your children (or yourself), or just want to upgrade some common recipes… feel free to check out our recipes. I say ‘our’ because I’m blessed to have a wonderful group of open-minded, creative friends who too experiment in the kitchen and share the tasty dishes they come up with!

From my home to yours, enjoy!