I get a lot of questions about how I get my kids to take vitamins, tinctures and juices. My 3 kids see these things as a normal part of the day because its the only thing they know…but it got me thinking about mums who are in transition with their families…

Soooo, for all you mamas trying to put your kids on a healthier path – here is a recipe for some DIY Gummy Vitamins that I promise your kids will LOVE – and you can feel good about them taking.


  • 5 Tablespoons Gelatin Powder (I use this one, grass fed beef)
  • 1-1 1/2 cups fruit/vegetable juice (fresh cold pressed or no sugar added)
  • Sweetener – 2 tablespoons of honey, 2 or 3 drops Stevia (This is our fav – NO bitterness!)
  • Vitamin C (Be careful with this one as most sources are from GMO corn. I like to use Camu Camu Powder. (1-2 tsp)
  • Probiotic (2-50 billion capsules opened)
  • Greens Powder (I like Boku Superfood Powder)

In a small sauce pan over low heat, mix the juice, gelatin and sweetener and stir until smooth. It should be thick and syrup-like. Remove from heat and mix in Camu Camu, Boku and Probiotic.
Very quickly pour into molds or a small dish greased with coconut oil and put in the freezer for 10 minutes to harden. Remove and pop out of molds. For small dish cut into squares.

My FAVOURITE juice combinations
Red/Pink: Red beets, strawberries, carrots and a bit of lemon juice
Orange: Carrots, oranges, ginger and some mango juice
Yellow: Yellow bell pepper, yellow beets, yellow pear, yellow apple and a bit of lemon juice (DO NOT use pineapple juice, your gelatin will not set up due to the enzyme bromelain that’s found in pineapples.)
Green: Kale, kiwi, cucumber, green apple and lime (green grapes would work well, too)
Purple: Purple cabbage, blackberries, blueberries, a bit of red beet and an apple (concord grapes would work well, too)

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